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Butter Croissant 01
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Lavender started as a bakery and pâtisserie inspired by the pleasant scent and beauty of the Lavandula plant. It is our everyday goal to produce foods that will not only nourish your body but also delight your senses, leaving you a wonderful memory.

Our beliefs:

Produce safe and quality products with no added preservatives, pork, lard and/or alcohol;

Support local farmers and various purveyors in producing exceptional ingredients;

Honesty, passion and care in everything we do.

We love to create with our team, derive pleasures from our products and share the joy with our customers. It is our hope you have a feast for your eyes every time you step into any of our brick and mortar, a pleasant surprise every time you bite into our many creations. When your heart beats a little faster, you will have enjoyed the Lavender experience.

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