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Mama Mee Yah

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Mama Mee Yah

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At Mama Mee Yah, we take pride in serving our customers an authentic Thai food experience that is Muslim-friendly. We take inspiration from the bustling street markets of Thailand, bringing that street food culture to our restaurant. Our menu is carefully created, keeping in mind the flavours and aromas of Thai cuisine while incorporating the freshest and finest ingredients to make the dishes. All dishes are prepared with a blend of exotic Thai herbs and spices that create mouth-watering flavours.

In Mama Mee Yah, MAMACHA offers a variety of options to suit any taste. Each drink is crafted with care to complement the rich and diverse flavours of Thai cuisine. From refreshing teas to bold coffees.

Savour the authentic flavours of Thailand’s bustling streets with every bite of our delicious Thai street food, you gotta Thai and Try!

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