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Squid Boy

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Squid Boy’s Squids are freshly from the deep-sea giant squids. The Signature Crispy Squids are purely the fresh meat from the most tender parts of a gigantic squid that as size as human. The tenderness of the crispy squid will leave an unforgettable lingering in your mouth.

You definitely able to taste the crispiness and deliciousness of the fresh of Okinawa Giant Squid with the signature dips. Besides, Squid Boy also offers juicy Giant Crispy Chicken and Popcorn Chicken for customers. The Popcorn chicken is boneless fresh chicken meat that are more tender, and more flavorful.

Customers can enjoy the snacks with Calrose rice by ordering the Squid Boy Bento that serving in either Squids or Chickens. New rice menu that from Grandma’s Recipe is bringing up the oriental taste of the

Braised Chicken Meat Rice to your unforgettable memory.

Two types of Tempuras: Sweet Plum Potato Fries and Crispy Mushroom Fries also available for customers choices.

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