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Yuan Lao Si Hotpot

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Yuan Lao Si Hotpot


Yuan Laosi was the 4th son of the Yuan family who always believed that there is no sincerer love than the love for food. Inspired by a dish favoured by boatmen, Yuan Laosi discovered the now-popular hotpot when he used to camp by the dock with his group of friends, sharing great stories and wonderful moments together over a meal. With a cast-iron pot hanging over the flames, they would stir-fry spices and boil them in a pot of soup with animal offal. Rich in taste and packed with flavours, Yuan Laosi took it up a notch and made his dream come true. He introduced a dish that was personal to him – where authentic recipe meets heartwarming reunions. What was once stumbled upon by chance has become one of the most popular hotpots in China today – and now, Malaysians can savour the taste of authenticity.

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